Local Pizzeria

Local Pizzeria

"I had the fastest delivery service ever from this place. I ordered 2 x-large pizzas (1 pepperoni and 1 Buffalo chicken pizza with no onions) as well as 2 bottles of soda (2 liters), and a cheeseburger with only ketchup. The lady on the phone told me 45 minutes to an hour for delivery, I was ok with it. I hear a knock on the door, I look down at my watch, it's only been 17 minutes since I placed my order, sure enough the delivery driver was there with my complete order. I even checked it, to make sure that there was no onions on the Buffalo chicken pizza, and only ketchup on the cheeseburger and sure enough everything was exactly how I ordered it. This was my first time ordering from there and everything tasted great! I'll be ordering from them again."

Alan V.


"It was a crazy Saturday here in Gatlinburg, with 2 hour waits everywhere. We decided to call Big Bear Pizza as it was also recommended by our hotel. The woman who answered was very professional and patient. We ordered 2 of their specialty pizzas and one medium split for the kids. She upsold us on a half dozen cookies. To be fair, once the kids heard "cookies" over the phone, they demanded it - so it wasn't exactly a hard sell. Time from call order to deliver at our hotel door: 30 minutes. Which is AMAZINGLY FAST in my experience. Delivery driver was professional and courteous.

The pizza was DELICIOUS. Cookies were warm and seemed fresh baked. Also delicious - a perfect compliment to the pizza as a dessert. Will order again the next time we are in town!"

William H.


"This is hands down some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life. I am local but never ate here heard good things so today was the day. We had the BBQ chicken pizza and the meat pizza jalapeño poppers and cheese bread. Who cares about the price when you support your small business locals and the food is beyond delicious!!"

Denese C.

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